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The correct maintenance method of leather women handbags!

I believe that many friends have encountered such problems. After buying their Leather Bags for a few months, they will show some signs of wear and tear after wearing it for a while, although they have been very cherished. , But still unavoidable. Then the question is coming, how should the leather handbags be maintained?
genuine Leather Bags
Tips for maintenance of leather women handbags:
1. Please do not overload the leather bags to avoid deformation of the leather goods. At the same time, pay attention to acid, alkali and moisture. To prevent the possibility of corrosion of leather bags.
2. Please do not put the leather bag in the sun to expose or fire, so as not to cause accelerated aging, discoloration or even cracking of the leather.
3. Light-colored leather bags should try to avoid contact with discolored clothes or other items.
4. Genuine leather bags are usually very delicate and very easy to be scratched, pay attention to scratches. At the same time, care should be taken to protect all hardware and zippers to avoid oxidation and rust marks.
5. Bags are another type of active substance. The same leather bag is used every day, which can easily cause fatigue of the elasticity of the cortex, so there are several interactive uses.
6. If you need a leather bag that has not been used for a long time, you should first stuff an appropriate amount of clean old newspaper or old clothes inside the leather goods. It is best to put a few bags of moisture-proof beads to avoid deformation of the leather goods;
7. When it rains on a rainy day, the bag needs to be wiped dry in a ventilated place to dry to prevent mildew.
8. When the leather bag becomes moldy, use a soft cloth to wipe off the water stains and mildew spots, and then stuff some newspapers, magazines and the like in it to dry. Don't expose it directly to the sun, it will make your favorite bag fade , Deformed. Finally, apply again with a special brightener for leather goods
9. What to do if the bag becomes black, first wipe the dirty area with toothpaste, then wipe the toothpaste with a soft cloth, many people use wind oil to remove it (recommended that dark bags can be used), it is indeed an effective method, But parents must remember that Fengyoujing is green. Before wiping, you need to think about whether the Fengyoujing will be dyed on your bag.
10. Finally, please remember: When cleaning leather bags, avoid washing with water and contact with chemical solvents. Water will make the leather of the bag hard, and gasoline will make the leather's grease volatile and dry.

KAIPING XIN SUI YING LEATHER WARE CO.,LTD's genuine Leather Bags are constructed using only the best material. Finely crafted with painstaking attention to detail, design and hand-finished to ensure the premium quality guaranteed by the PALIO trademark. The presence of minor flows, discreet shade differences and natural marking in the leather heightens the quality and uniqueness of the material. The material might be discolored by rubbing with moist such as rain and sweat. Therefore, requires special care and must be protected from rain moist and physical friction.

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